Why Should I Listen to You? The Value of Credibility in Marketing

3 Min Read Written by: emerged

Everyone on the internet has an opinion these days. Every business solves a problem.

Marketing has changed. Exposure used to be limited to large brands who could afford to create commercial masterpieces broadcast through televisions. This alone made them credible.

Digital democratized everything. Now businesses have easy access to their consumers through social, email, and more – for a fraction of the cost. This has paved the way for many businesses to enter the conversation, but as a consumer, it can be brand overload. 

So who do you listen to when there’s so much noise? How can a customer believe what your brand is saying? That’s the value of credibility.

What is credibility? 

It’s important to come across as trustworthy, reliable, and dependable with proof to back it up. So, how do you do that for your business? In most cases, don’t look inward – look outward.

What are others saying about your company or your founders? What types of factual claims or irrefutable evidence are you providing your customers about your product? Is your brand associated with anything?

How to build your business’ credibility

Here’s our list of five “credibility essentials” for your business, ranked in order of easiest to hardest to execute (for most companies).

1. Testimonials

Oh, the power of someone else’s opinion! It can be good or bad, but let’s harness it for good.

Sharing a testimonial can show that others are successfully using your product or service. Ask a happy customer for a simple quote with a few words that highlights value, or 1-2 sentences about their experience. 

Bonus: video goes a lot further than the written word. A video testimonial can be even more impactful by hearing/seeing straight from an individual, so it’s coming from them and not you. 

2. Research

Especially in the healthcare field, individuals expect your claims to be backed up with proof. Did you run any clinical studies? Any validated information you can share is beneficial so potential customers can rest assured you have a quality product that does what you’re saying it does.

If that’s not relevant or something you have, did you perform any industry surveys that highlight challenges? Sharing this can help highlight the problem and the solution you bring to the table. 

3. Case Studies

Level up the testimonial with expected results from using your product or service. Case studies can be used to share positive patient outcomes, reduced operational costs, increased efficiencies… whatever it is you offer! This helps put a customer’s mind at ease and gives an example of the expected value of your product or service to share with their colleagues. Many stakeholders are often involved in decision-making!

4. Recognition

Another option is to draw on the credibility of others using recognition you’ve received. What are other reputable sources saying about you? Have you had any press? Are there any awards you can apply to? Think about popular websites or associations in your industry and reach out to them on opportunities to collaborate, or even serve on the board of a volunteer group.

5. Thought Leadership

Outside of your physical product or offered service, prove you’re actually an expert in what you say you are through content. Does your company have a blog to share POVs on the latest industry news, research, or trends? Share this on your site, social media or in email.

Building professional credibility to benefit you and your business

Don’t doubt word-of-mouth or your network – it is one of the most powerful things. As you focus on building your business’ brand, consider building your own personal (professional) brand on platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter to showcase yourself as an expert in your field. 

Did you learn something new at work today? Did you see an interesting article you had a view on? Share it! Unlike some of those pesky influencers, if you’re offering true value it will be appreciated by your audience. Plus, when people are engaging with your content you’ll often show up to other individuals with similar interests in their network, offering powerful association and trust. 

If you need guidance, Emerged is here to guide you through the ways you can build your network, exude credibility, and reach your audience with compelling messaging that gets people to convert.