Proven Success in the Healthcare Sector

Our platform was developed exclusively for companies in the healthcare, medical technology and biotech industries.

Companies Advancing Healthcare

From medical device manufacturers to biotech companies, we’ve been fortunate to partner with some amazing companies. See our complete client list here.

Emerged Improves Your Sales Performance In These Areas

  1. Rep Group or Distributor

    If they’re representing hundreds of companies it’s unlikely they’ll actively pitch your product. Emerged can target the HCPs being called on and stimulate demand for your rep group or distributor.

  2. Non-called on Doctors

    Sales reps typically focus on the top 1-2% of doctors. Our platform can expand your reach and help reach your non-called on doctors at scale.

  3. New Product or Division Launches

    It can take time to build a qualified sales funnel. Our targeted approach will help you build your sales funnel with highly-qualified prospects out of the gate.

  4. Constrained Internal Resources

    Your sales reps know there are other tactics that could increase revenue, but they lack the time or resources to execute. Our automated platform is managed by our team of consultants so all your team needs to worry about is selling.

  5. Insurance Policy Against Underperforming Team Members

    The Emerged platform is live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We keep you front-of-mind with your prospects at all times so you never need to worry that a potential sale is falling through the cracks.