Myths of B2B Marketing Debunked

5 Min Read Written by: emerged

Every marketer has taken it on themselves to be your digital agony aunt. Most of these marketers are either working with a brand or running one of their own. And all their responses circle back to their products or services, which means their solutions are almost always victims of convenience and meticulous marketing strategies. Thus, it is no surprise that there are too many misconceptions about B2B marketing around us.  With only a handful of fact-checkers, we have succumbed to these myths. Since the internet is an open platform, not everything you read on it is true. So, if you have come across these 8 myths of B2B marketing, here is the truth. 


Email marketing is dead

If you think email marketing does not work anymore, you are not alone. Thanks to social media, people have come to believe that investing in email marketing is futile. While it is true that the email open rate has gone down tremendously over the past few years, it is still possible to generate leads through email marketing. 

The key is to have striking subject lines that compel your customers to click on the email. Get creative with that one-line space. For instance, “We know how you can spend your surplus this year” is a far better subject line for a B2B insurance company than “Have you renewed your corporate insurance yet?” 

The former will have a much higher possibility of getting a click than the latter. It directly targets the person or group that is responsible for making the buying decisions without giving away too much information. 


Content marketing is limited to SEO

In a world where every business is trying to get a hold of the best digital practices, SEO has become the sole savior for countless companies. Businesses are spending thousands to improve their online performance. From blogs to e-commerce websites, there seems to be no end to the use of SEO insight. 

However, we must realize that SEO is just one of the aspects of content marketing. Content marketing can be paid, earned and owned. While SEO is one of the primary ways of reaching your audience, it is not absolute. 


Corporate videos are the only way to reach your audience

This is one of the most popular myths of B2B marketing. When you give so much importance to corporate videos, you end up completely ignoring the other drivers of B2B marketing, like social media. 

Social media is probably the most important B2B marketing tool right now. If used correctly, you can successfully navigate your followers to make a purchase. Besides, B2B events, webinars, and case studies are some other ways to reach your audience and convert them into leads.   


Using your competitors’ digital marketing strategies is unethical

We know ethical business practices are of the utmost essence now more than ever. And it is every business’s responsibility to run a morally uplifting business. Contrary to the myth, replicating your competitors’ digital marketing plans is far from being corrupt. 

In fact, there are tools that let you analyze how your competitors are building a successful digital presence. Most of them are free and accurate to quite an extent. 

However, if that still fails to align with your principles, there are a couple of ways to use your competitors’ strategies to advance your business. Tracking their customer feedback and avoiding their mistakes are the best ways to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. 


B2B marketing is only for businesses, not people

Gone are the days when a formal attitude and absolute professionalism ruled the workspaces. Now, people make businesses and they are given due credit for it. 

It is extremely important to design your B2B marketing activities to cater to humans. You must target people to promote your business because they are responsible for the positive word of mouth for your brand. They are the ones who buy your products and services. 

Since people hold the key to making or breaking your brand, B2B marketing should be aimed at conversations and problem-solving. 


Self-promotion benefits the B2B sales

Narcissism has no place in sales. A self-centered business can never outsell a customer-oriented business and for all the right reasons. 

Brands are yet to realize that constantly talking good about their products drives leads away. This is because nobody wishes to be associated with a company that sells them a product. Everyone loves a brand that can sell them a solution – regardless of how big or small. 

Top digital marketing companies are an excellent example of customer-centric businesses. They solve your everyday digital problems through blogs and social media posts. So, when you want to avail of digital marketing services, you directly approach a company whose solutions you have come to trust over a period.    


You don’t need a website to sell to businesses

Another myth that is not as benign as it appears to be, B2B marketing is actually incomplete without a website. Millennials are running the corporate spaces today and they are anything but gullible. They make fact-driven purchases. And before they buy from you, they spend hours analyzing your online presence.   

If that is not all, the rate of B2B sales made directly through the websites is doubling every year. This is a clear indication of websites being extremely essential for B2B marketing and sales.  


All your social media followers are your customers

Social media is a resourceful B2B marketing tool, but it is swarming with bots that don’t actually serve any purpose in sales. You might have 20,000 followers and 1000+ likes on each of your posts on Facebook but only a fraction of those might become your customers.

Barring the bots, the best way to convert these silent leads into active ones is through great content. Engage your audience with interactive content and be at the forefront to answer their questions. 

Remember that if you can become your audience’s confidante, you are headed towards an incredibly successful future.