How we do it

Emerged Increases Healthcare Sales Force Effectiveness

 We automate the tactics a salesperson should be doing, but may not have the time, resources, or expertise to execute.


Targeted Data

It starts with the data. Our strategists will work with you to hone in on the exact healthcare practitioners or companies that are your ideal prospects. From there we identify the decision-makers and influencers and build an audience of pre-qualified prospects for your campaign.

Our proprietary data process allows us to incorporate personal and professional data points on each target; allowing us to connect with your prospects when they’re at work, at home, or on-the-go.


Proven Strategy

We make proven tactics more accessible. We didn’t invent the tactics in our campaigns. In fact, we think it’s in our clients’ best interest to leverage the tried-and-true inbound marketing tactics that are proven to drive sales qualified leads over and over again.

What makes us different is we’ve made it easier and more affordable for companies to execute a best-in-class lead generation and nurturing program.


Consistent Execution

Ideas are easy. Execution is hard. How many times has your team had an idea that was going to jumpstart a slow sales trend and then enthusiasm fizzled and nothing ended up happening? We hear this story all the time.

We are here to do it all for you – strategy, creative, execution – all for a fixed monthly fee based on the number of prospects you are targeting. Our team of strategists leverage our automated technology to deploy sequenced marketing campaigns across multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, email, and direct mail.