Our all-inclusive solution for cold prospecting saves you time, reduces cost, and produces better quality leads.

Sounds good, right?!


Precision Targeting

We find the right leads

We start by helping you identify your ideal client by using key descriptors like industry, company, title, or geography.

Consistent Nurturing

Surround your key targets

Then we deploy a curated mix of B2B marketing tactics to drive the prospects to take immediate action, as well as nurture the prospects so your business is front-of-mind for the duration of the sales cycle.

Our approach empowers prospects to
take action now or when the time is right for them.

Emerged Solves These Challenges

  • Inability to predict ROI for key campaigns
  • In-person sales initiatives have moved to digital platforms
  • Inbound leads are low quality
  • It’s hard to know when a prospect is ready to move ahead
  • Sales team fails to consistently follow up with prospects
  • It’s difficult to reach all the decision makers
  • Forecasted deals go dark
  • Sales team wastes time looking for someone to call
  • Enterprise platforms are expensive and require extensive internal resources
  • Full-service agencies are a pricey recurring expense

What ROI can EMERGED generate for your business?

Emerged could be highly impactful for your business.

Let’s set up a time to chat so we can show you how we will deliver a strong ROI for your business.

Pricing Simplified

An all-inclusive, full-service offering.

No media fees.

No creative fees.

No management fees.

Rapid Setup

Full-service means we do the work making it easy for you to get started.