Frequently Asked Questions

What is the core value of your B2B nurturing offering?

We aren’t here to sell you on the power of lead generation and nurturing for your B2B company. It works. The challenge is that to tie-in all of the platforms can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to build. We have used these same tools and created a solution that allows our clients to use all of the same tactics and processes without having to get individual licenses, customized builds, databases and integrations. Because we have already invested in obtaining and integrating those platforms, it allows us to launch quickly and efficiently maintain and manage your campaign.

Who are you targeting?

We work with you to identify the key elements of your ideal client like industry, company, job title, or geography. This allows us to pull your exact prospective targets from enterprise data platforms.

What are the monthly deliverables?

The Emerged Journey blends 1-to-1 communication with paid media to drive brand awareness and credibility. On any given month a prospect will be presented with dozens of touchpoints like brand awareness ads, boosted pillar content, LinkedIn messages, email marketing, or direct mail.  

What is a sales qualified lead?

A sales qualified lead refers to prospects that have taken an action that demonstrates they are interested in your offering. Actions could include performing a desired CTA or directly expressing interest in a message or call.

How many sales qualified leads can I expect to get each month?

Unlike traditional inbound lead generation, Emerged isn’t about the volume of leads generated. Our approach is quality over quantity. Unqualified leads waste time so we believe in only delivering high-quality leads who are actively seeking your services. 
During our sales call we can walk you through our ROI calculator and show you how many leads you can expect for your business.

How long before I see ROI from this initiative?

It depends on the duration of your sales cycle. The power of Emerged builds over time. By targeting the same contacts, month after month, the longer your campaign runs the more impactful the results.

How does your pricing work?

We have a simplified pricing structure. There are no setup costs. We only charge for the prospect we are targeting. There are no other fees.

How come there is a minimum of 2,500 contacts?

We require a minimum of 2,500 contacts to stay compliant with data privacy regulations.

How is this better than other platforms like Hubspot or Salesforce?

We have taken proven tactics and made them more accessible. Our plug-and-play platform makes it easier for businesses to deploy full-funnel nurturing campaigns.

Do we need to integrate Emerged with our internal systems?

Emerged is a stand alone platform that requires zero bandwidth from your internal resources. If you have an internal sales CRM, we recommend integrating it with our platform, but our team will help facilitate that process.

Are your methods compliant with privacy laws like CCPA, GDPR and HIPPA?

Yes. Emerged works exclusively with platforms and software systems that prioritize regulatory compliance. From GDPR to CCPA and strict regulations in the pipeline Emerged guarantees protection of your business’ information and your customer’s privacy.