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The right partners can be crucial to your business’ success. Our founders bring the expertise and experience to drive your company forward, working alongside a skilled strategy and execution team.

Alison French

Alison French, Co-Founder & CEO

Alison French has almost two decades of experience building brands, launching products and crafting sales-focused marketing strategies at a myriad companies. From being employee number one at several multi-million dollar companies to consulting with DJO Global, French prides herself on having an innate sense of driving businesses forward.

Danny DeMichele

Danny DeMichele, Co-Founder & Partner

Danny DeMichele is a San Diego-based multi-venture entrepreneur, and first-generation digital marketing expert. 

Through bootstrapping, partnering, and acquisition, Danny holds stakes in over 20 companies. He advises on a growing number of industry boards, and serves as the founding partner of Growth Partner, a premier San Diego B2B resource with special emphasis on augmenting digital capabilities in healthcare messaging.

Jason Zinn

Jason Zinn, Partner

With over 25 years of marketing health products, Jason has built and sold several brands, took a startup public, and led successful exits. After founding The FeelGood Catalog in the ’90s, which ranked #49 on the Inc. 500 by 2000, Jason recognized the future of eCommerce and shifted from print catalogs to successfully start BetterBraces.com, which was later acquired by DJO Global. Now as an advisor, consultant and investor, he helps med device, health, and nutritional companies put the right people and plan in place to ensure success.