Emerged.com - Automating Real One-to-One Business Communications

Automating Real One-to-One
Business Communications.

For just $2/per prospect per month, we identify and locate your exact business targets online, activate them into a communication funnel and help nurture them until close.

Free Customized Targeting Report

After a quick call to better understand your industry, company profiles and target personnel titles within those companies, we will get to work. Within 72 hours, we will provide you a free comprehensive report on how many are targetable online with our service. No cost, No commitment.

Research and
Identify Prospects

Outbound Education & Nurturing
Messaging and Media

Turn Them Into
Qualified Leads

Continue Until
You Close Them

We didn’t invent B2B Prospect marketing.
We reduced the setup time and yearly costs by 90%

We didn’t invent full-funnel B2B prospect marketing. We made it affordable for all companies to adopt and get the benefits from it. Emerged was created by 20-year veterans in the digital agency world in a format that brings setup and deployment costs down by 90%. We use the fundamental best practices, from years of testing and deploying these strategies ourselves. We get rid of the fluff and waste and focus on the things that work. There is simply no more efficient way to market your business for a strong return on investment.

Digital Marketing tactics are typically built for target consumers. It’s more of a mass-market shotgun effect. The strategy has been to target “likely” buyers in masses. B2B marketing flips this upside down. We target the same prospects your sales team would reach out to on calls and at conferences. We amplify your sales team’s efforts by finding those targets in their online state, serving messages and ads only to them, and then driving them into your key branding, educational and/or messaging funnels.

Stand-Alone Platform

Your IT, Sales and Marketing teams can
be involved as little or as much as they want.

Unique Pricing

Pay only for your targeted
audience size per month.

Pinpoint Precise Prospect

Target your core prospect using a data-enriched
process that meets them where they are.

The simplest pricing model in the industry
You pay a flat fee for each prospect we target

  • Landing Pages
  • Banner Creatives
  • Messaging Content
  • Media Cost
  • Agency Fees
  • Software Fees

YOU PAY $2 per prospect targeted per month, That’s it.

Commonly Asked Questions

We aren’t here to sell you on the power of lead generation and nurturing for your B2B company. It works. The challenge is that to tie-in all of the platforms can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and months to build. We have used these same tools and created a solution that allows our clients to use all of the same tactics and processes without having to get individual licenses, customized builds, databases and integrations. Because we have already invested in obtaining and integrating those platforms, it allows us to launch quickly and efficiently maintain and manage your campaign.

We have a simplified pricing structure. There are no setup costs. We work with you on which specific prospects (employee titles and companies) and we charge you $2/month per prospect we are targeting. There are no other fees. As an example, if you decide on 2500 targets, your bill each month is $5000. That’s it, nothing else.

We utilize industry leading tools and have configured them in a way that enhances the effectiveness of all of them.

Simply put, NO. Emerged is a stand alone platform with ZERO bandwidth required of your internal resources. If you have an internal sales CRM, our recommendation is that we tie our platform to yours to further enhance the prospect experience. However, this is not mandatory.

No, our service is a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time with 30-days notice of cancellation.

Yes, since the software platforms we use are enterprise companies, we are compliant with all privacy laws in the US.

We can either target your existing database that may have been neglected over the years, or we can go out and find a new set of prospects for you to target. Most of our clients prefer a hybrid of both!

Guaranteed Monthly Deliverables

For each prospect we target, we will serve them a minimum of 15 touch points per month throughout the life of the sales cycle.

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